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What if we stopped hiding?

Much of our time is spent building, guarding, and maintaining emotional walls that guard us from genuine relationships with others. Sooner or later, our well-meaning construction efforts reveal our vast inability to protect ourselves. Instead, they serve to separate us from those who love us most, including God. We can take steps to break down those faulty walls and use the debris to create altars to the Lord. Trading Walls for Altars is designed to help us do just that.


We use walls to hide us, protect us in our homes. Yet we are unhealthy when we use walls to hide the reality of our souls. Lindsay helps us move our souls toward greater freedom, transformation and intimacy in Trading Walls for Altars.”

Kathy Litton, National Director of Ministries to Pastors’ Wives, North American Mission Board


“Lindsay has been a constant in my life for years. She is a dynamite leader, mom, pastor’s wife, and wonderful friend. She has brought me wisdom and is truly led by the Holy Spirit. I am excited for her to be able to now impact so many more lives through this book. Pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed!” 

Mykaelle “Myka” Boos, Stewardship Advisor, International Mission Board



“Relatable in unexpected ways…that’s how reading Trading Walls for Altars was for me.  At unexpected moments I would find myself in tears as Lindsay shared real-life, relatable challenges to illustrate how walls can get erected in our lives that can stand in the way of our relationships with those who mean the most to us, especially our Savior Jesus.  I would highly recommend this book - read it alone, read it with your spouse, and/or with your teen-and-older kids.  Every topic is God-breathed and encouraging to our everyday struggle to find hope and healing in this crazy world!  I’m grateful to her for her steadfastness and love of the Lord that produced this altar of healing!” 

Lisa Mozloom, Senior Vice President Media Relations, The M Network

About the Author


Lindsay was born and raised in the south where she met and married her husband, Derek. They have served in ministry together since before they even started dating, and ministry continues to be a huge part of their lives. The Allens spent seven years as church planting missionaries in Miami, FL and now serve at First Baptist Tillman's Corner in Mobile, AL. Lindsay homeschools her five children and dates their dad often. 

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