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Jesus in the front; party in the back.

“Business in the front, and party in the back.” This has been the longstanding mantra of the mullet. As people born and raised in the monogrammed buckle of the Bible belt, Derek and Lindsay have observed a deep correlation between this daring hairstyle and what is commonly known as cultural Christianity.  They call it Mullet Theology. It's a “Jesus in the front, and party in the back” way of life that tries to live in two opposing realities at once. Cultural Christians want the comfort of Jesus and the pleasure of living life the way they want. Jesus is just a cute accessory to their lives. Our hope is that in reading this book, our readers will see that Jesus should be everything we want rather than a means to give us everything we want. We hope to expose some ugly truths about our own culture while giving real hope to those deceived by its enticing lies.

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